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Eva Angelina

  Name: Eva Angelina

  Height: 5' 3


  Birth Date: 1987

  Ethnic : Asian
 Breasts : 34D

 Waist: 24

 Hips : 36

 Hair : Black

 Eyes : Brown

Star Info:
You got a boobjob! "I was about a 34A. I wanted to go a little bit bigger, but the doctor said it would look, ya know - it was just a lot for my body at once. But he did a really good job because considering how small I was, I don't have any ripples. So I'm really happy about that." You took some time off, where the hell were you when you weren't getting your titties pumped up? "I was a hostess at the Macaroni Grill." But of course. Anyone recognize you? "Actually, I have a couple funny stories. Like one person, the server came over and was like, ‘Yeah, ya know, my boyfriend was on this porn site, and he can't stop telling me about this girl, and how he just loves the way she sucked cock. He's all telling me to watch it so I can learn from her. And I go and look on the website, and it's you!'" Any other curious non-porn jobs? "I was queen of getting new jobs. I went anywhere from making pizzas to selling knives, cooking knives, cutlery." Door to door? "It's through people you know, and then you ask them for people that they know who'd be interested, and it's just kind of this huge process. And then selling shoes, movie theaters. the list goes on. I have a job for you. A very special job. "Turn off the recorder and we'll talk." Prefer boys or girls? "Guys. I like penetration." What's your favorite position? "I like it when my legs are over his shoulder. I like doggie up and over. I just like the way it feels. And then spoon I like a lot, too. You can sneak it. You could be laying on a couch at a friend's, ya know, and you can be full on having sex and they probably wouldn't even know." You dig sex in public? "Oh yeah! I'm so into that. My best one was the ferris wheel at the Orange County Fair. I did it in a playground in a park, inner tube. Did it in a treehouse. Did it behind Virgin Megastore at The Block. I did it ... what other good ones ... oh, backstage at Ozzfest concert. Tour busses. My old bathroom at work, several times. Stuff like that. Movie theatres, that's a common one. Movie theatres, the car obviously, parties. Let me think ... a lot of it was a long time ago." What's your heritage? "I am Cuban Chinese Irish and English. My mom's Cuban and Chinese, my dad's pure redhead." Nice combo. I think your ass is Cuban. "You think?" Believe me, I've thought a lot about it. "You stay out of there."

SCREENSHOT & MOVIE INFORMATION Pussyman's Teen Island XV (15) = Legend

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  Wednesday - July 1, 2015    

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