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Tiffany Mynx

  Name: Tiffany Mynx

  Height: 5' 3" (1.61 m)

120 lbs

  Birth Date: October 10, 1971

  Ethnic : White
 Breasts : 34D

 Waist: 23

 Hips : 36

 Hair : Brown/Blonde

 Eyes : Brown

Star Info:

One of the ultimate 90's sex queens, Porn Star Tiffany Mynx worked her way up the ladder of success at full throttle -- before finally easing off a bit on the throttle to enjoy the fruits of her carnal labors. Tiffany Mynx's a striking little auburn-maned nymphette of erotic Irish descent, with a lean, sex-honed body, medium-sized breasts, a taut butt, and a pretty face with a bit of a nasty cast to it. Born on October 10, 1971 in Upland, California and raised in conservative Orange County, Tiffany Mynx has the slightly slutty look of a girl you might pick up in a SoCal nightclub only to wake up the next morning and find that you're the one who's been screwed.

When she started in the business in February, 1992, Tiffany Mynx was a shy, self-conscious 20 year old who thought that she was too average looking to make it big. Fans and fellow performers found her irresistibly hot, though, and she soon blossomed into the confident, sexy, take-charge box-cover goddess that she is today. Tiffany Mynx is a full-throttle, no-holds-barred erotic spark plug who brings a wanton, carefree sexuality to the sometimes uptight, safe-sexed 90's. She seems to revel in sex when it's at its nastiest, and she's known as an oral specialist able to engulf the hugest studs whole.

Tiffany Mynx has eased off of the constant filming of her early career to concentrate on raising her two children and her exotic dance routine. Her dancing is especially close to her heart, as it gets her 'up close and personal' with the fans who have always put her on top. Tiffany Mynx recently landed the role of Buttwoman in the revamped Elegant Angel Series, and she's instantly made the role of the backdoor-obsessed strumpet her own. Tiffany Mynx was the 1994 Fans of X-Rated Entertainment Favorite Female Award winner, and she likes to let her fans know that she appreciates their support. She loves talking to her fans after dance gigs, and answers all her own fan mail. With over 150 hardcore performances under her belt, Tiffany Mynx has established herself as one of the stars of 90's erotica.

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  Friday - July 3, 2015    

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